We are ready to help EU SMEs go international into the Serbian and Moldovan public markets!


The P2GreenEST partnership can help European SMEs to expand themselves internationally into the Serbian and Moldovan markets in the fields of waste management, efficient water management and development of renewable energies. 

After several months of collaborative work, a market screening and an analysis of the needs and difficulties of SMEs in expanding abroad, but also several meetings with local contacts, we are ready to offer you our free services to help you to get international  in these countries.

Moldova and Serbia are developing countries with the status of candidate countries to the European Union. To meet European standards, both countries need to make the ecological and energy transition.To this end, 2 tailored made international missions  will be organised to meet your individual needs.

Please note that our P2GreenEST teams will support you free of charge* before, during and after the mission in order to achieve tangible results.

Before the mission we offer you:

- 1 bilateral meeting to identify your development needs in these countries, your know-how and your solutions.

- 1 joint meeting with the other participants in the mission to get to know you better and to find out all the details about the mission (e.g. participation of French, Romanian and Spanish companies, etc.).

- A personal agenda with at least 10 qualified meetings with local stakeholders in your sector of activity (local companies, public authorities, representatives of local ministries and development agencies).

*You will only be responsible for travel and accommodation expenses.

✈ International trade mission in Serbia from 29th till the 30th November 2023 organized in the framework of ECOFAIR

Dates: 29-30 November 2023

Location: Belgrade

- Around 150 exhibitors

- Themes: environmental technology, environmental protection, international cooperation and environmental management products

- Surface area: 4000 m2

- Approx. 6000 visitors

✈ National trade mission in Moldova from 31st January to 4th February 2024 organized in the framework of Fabricat în Moldova

Dates: 31st January- 4th February 2024

Location: Chisinau

The exhibition will be organised by the Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the supervision of the Moldovan government. The exhibition is multi-sectoral, but events and qualified meetings on the subjects of water, waste and energy will be organised in partnership with local stakeholders such as the Moldovan Energy Efficiency Agency, the Ministry of the Environment, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned missions, the P2GreenEST project offers free individualised support via a "helpdesk" with a local expert per target country, to help you respond to public procurement in Serbia and Moldova.

The idea is to support interested companies throughout the bidding process, in particular by helping them to prepare the tender application file, translating documentation where necessary and facilitating the creation of consortiums where appropriate.

An e-watch tool is also available on the project page to enable you to check calls for projects on water, waste and energy efficiency in these 2 countries.

The main outcome of the support developed as part of the P2GreenEST project will be to enable EU SMEs, through interregional and intersectoral cooperation, to deploy innovative green solutions that meet the needs of the Eastern regions, thus creating a win-win situation: EU SMEs become more competitive while non-EU countries gain knowledge of existing innovative green technologies to address their specific environmental challenges.