Upcoming territorial water supply projects in Moldova in the next two years

By 2024, 26 regional development projects are to be carried out in Moldova amounting to 1,436.4 million lei (about 72 million euros) and 152 local development projects worth 1,039.3 million lei.

The news was shared by Ana Mardare, state secretary of the Minitry of Infrastructure and Regional Development (MIDR) during a meeting aimed at evaluating the prospects for the development of the water supply and saniation sector.

"Regarding the funding allocated from the National Fund for Regional and Local Development (FNDRL), 26 regional development projects and 152 local development projects were included in the Single Program Document for 2022-2024. Following the implementation of the development projects in the field, hundreds of kilometers of water supply networks, artesian wells, water collection stations, treatment stations will be built, and thousands of the country's inhabitants will have access to improved services water and sewage", Ana Mardare said.

According to the official, the water supply and sanitation sector, at the national level, requires very large investments. "This obviously implies the involvement of the financial institutions of the state, as well as of our external partners, for the construction of the infrastructure related to this sector. We have important projects being implemented in all the development regions of the country, financially supported by the FNDRL, the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) and the European Union", the official said.

Article retrived from  Moldpress State News Agency