Ukraine Urgently Needs Energy Equipment

The ECCP (European Cluster Collaboration Platform) is calling for Energy infrastructure support to Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine is leaving hundreds of thousands of families and businesses without energy supply. This means no electricity, heating, hot water and hot food. The winter temperature in Ukraine can drop to as low as -15°C. Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure needs support - around 30% of energy Infrastructure has been destroyed by Russian targeted drone campaign. Donations of emergency energy equipment, fuels and funds are urgently needed to repair damaged  infrastructure and restore energy supply

The Energy Community Secretariat (ECS), endorsed by the European Commission and based on the direct request of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine for practical help in the current situation, is engaging in supporting Ukraine to keep its energy system functional.

What is most urgently needed?

  • Power transformers and generators;
  • Heaters; 
  • Fuel and oil; 
  • Cars for repair brigades; 
  • Tools

Please keep in mind that also second-hand items can be donated

How to do you part?

Via the Energy Community Secretariat based in Vienna – that is serving as an entry gate for private energy companies to donate energy equipment for the Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure, based on the needs list compiled by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

  • If you are willing to donate the needed goods, a door-to-door transportation is offered, which is free of charge (covered by the EU).
  • Procurement – with the help of the Energy Community Secretariat Ukraine Energy Support Fund based on the donations from the EU member States. Any company that can supply the required goods, can participate in the tender. The supplier will directly be paid from the Fund.

[news retrieved from ECCP article ]