The EU presents a Support Package for the Republic of Moldova


Announced by Ursula Von Der Leyen on 31st May in Chișinău, The European Union's package of support for the Republic of Moldova  has five priorities :

  • Facilitating economic development and connectivity (support to SMEs, trade, energy efficiency, human capital development as well as connectivity),
  • Supporting Moldova's reforms (strengthening administrative capacity, advisory services, dedicated training and support programme, increasing the participation of Moldova in EU programme),
  • Ensuring Moldova's energy security (increasing domestic electricity production, participating in the EU common gas purchasing mechanism, boosting renewables),
  • Enhancing Moldova's security (expanding cooperation with EU security organisations, strengthening Moldova's defence sector), 
  • Countering foreign information manipulation and interference (enhancing strategic communication).

Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) could be redeployed for 2024-2027 programmes to increase support for other neighbourhood countries, including Moldova.

More information on the EU's website .