P2GreenEST held its Kick-off meeting in Chisinau!

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Hybrid kick-off meeting on October 26th 2021, from Chisinau, Moldova

On Tuesday 26th October 2021, P2GreenEST held its kick-off meeting during a hybrid event from Chisinau, Moldova! With 64 attendees connected online and 15 registered in the room, P2GreenEST attracted people from across Europe and the Eastern Countries.

The coordinator, Cristina Casian from Éa éco-entreprises, was present as well as Green Energy Cluster (Romanian partner) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova (partner). Event organised in hybrid format, which allowed the Spanish partner Federación Asturiana De Empresarios to join the event too.

Our rich agenda allowed the project to be introduced and presented to the main stakeholders of the ecosystem : governments officials, local authorities, associations of enterprises, environmental programmes, international and local companies working on the topic. 

Moldova and Ukraine represent great opportunities for European SMEs to bid: with optimistic political climate and national strategies regarding green solutions, P2GreenEST falls within the prospects of the current and upcoming EU and local sustainable goals (European Green Deal, Fit for 55, Circular Economy Action Plan…).

The political wish of the Republic of Moldova suits with the EU ambitions and P2GreenEST goals and this was confirmed by the Ministry of Environment Iuliana Cantaragiu: "The circular economy is a new model of economy that needs to be introduced to the market, because the linear model of economic development that we have today, which consists of extracting natural resources, using them for production and disposal, and then consuming them and throwing them in the landfill, is a destructive and unsustainable model. [...] In this context, we are starting next year the construction of primary infrastructure to create the necessary logistics for the collection, transportation and sorting of waste at national level, according to the 8 waste management regions, and the development of the recycling market by private economic agents. Thus, we hope that the P2GreenEST 2 project will strengthen the capacities of economic agents, helping them to progress in their activity by implementing the circular economy model".

Divided into four main sections, the event presented its goals, scope of actions and upcoming missions:

-  Introductive presentation of the sustainable public procurement markets of the Republic of Moldova (speakers: Ministry of Environment, Infrastructure and Regional Development; Public Procurement Agency)

- Presentation of P2GreenEST activities and partnership (P2GreenEST coordinator and the 3 other partners)

- Presentation of sustainable programmes, most of them are members of the advisory board of the project (EU4Environment Ukraine and Moldova, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, ODIMM, MA IMPLIC, etc) 

- First meeting of the advisory board of the project concluding the kick-off meeting: presentation of the members and their focus to identify their added value to the project and consultation of the Advisory Board to identify potentially other projects in line with P2GreenEST as well as tools and resources to be used

This fruitful event kick-starts the activities of P2GreenEST and has given the opportunity to showcase the project’s objectives and actions in the targeted countries. The project will stay active until November 2023.

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