Handbook: public procurement for SMEs

The first steps for EU SMEs to bid for public procurement in Moldova, Ukraine and Serbia

If you have watched our tutorials and you want to have some more information regarding public procurement in Eastern countries, you are on the right page!

In order to give some tips to European Union (EU) very small and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) interested in Eastern countries markets, P2GreenEST has realeased a handbook. This tool is dedicated to beginners that can be very small / SMEs working in the water, energy or waste sector or clusters and Business Support Organisations which aim at assisting them in the tendering process. 

 >>> Handbook : public procurement for SMEs <<<

The purpose of this handbook is to give  general knowledge, advice, and valuable resources to succeed in bidding for public procurement in the waste, energy or water sector in Moldova, Serbia or Ukraine.

This handbook is part of a whole pack of assistance made for EU SMEs, so do not hesitate to check all the other resources available on this website or to contact P2GreenEST consortium.