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We support innovative European SMEs to participate in circular public procurement in the Eastern Partnership countries by introducing them as actors in public market opportunities in Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine.

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28 September 2023
28 September 2023
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Pollution-monitoring devices (tender financed by the EU)

The main purpose of contract is supply of specific laboratory equipment for identification, screening and measurement of potential river basin specific pollutants, in order to improve waste management system and water quality through improvement of monitoring and reporting of water, sediment and biota quality, upgrading of wastewater infrastructures as well as by strengthening the capacities of institutions to manage environmental investment. Procurement is composed out of six (6) items of the laboratory equipment, including High resolution LC MSD system, Total Organic Carbon TOC Analyzer, Evaporation system, Automated sample preparation system, Gas chromatograph with triple quadrupole mass spectrometer-GC MS/MS and Enhanced microwave system for high temperature and pressure digestion.

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