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10 November 2022
  • Water
  • Moldova
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Installation of new feedwater pump and motor for the steam boiler in Unit no.2, CHP Source-1

The Republic of Moldova has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Moldova Second District Heating Efficiency Improvement Project (DHEIP2), and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the Contract for Installation of new feedwater pump and motor (including associated equipment) for the steam boiler in Unit no.2, CHP Source-1 (Plant Design, Supply & Installation). 

The Moldova Energy Projects Implementation Unit (MEPIU) now invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of new equipment and systems for the technological upgrade and reconstruction of the Feedwater Pumping System FWP-2 for Unit no.2 at CHP Source-1 Plant, including, but not limited to: Feedwater pump; Electric motor; Medium-voltage (MV) variable speed drive; MV switchgear; Automation, control and other equipment and systems required to implement the new feedwater pumping system. 
The site for the Contract works is located at CHP Source-1 (former name: CHP-2), which is the largest heat and electricity production plant of Termoelectrica SA (main producer of heat and electricity and the main supplier of district heating services to consumers in the city of Chisinau and its suburbs).
The Contract implementation period is envisaged for 12 months (Plant should attain completion by November 30, 2023 and 60 days to finalize the guarantee tests).

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